SAT Questions & Answers

SAT Questions and Answers

General SAT Questions

Is the SAT an IQ test?
SAT Registration: How and Where Do I Register for the SAT?
SAT Test Dates: On What Dates is the SAT Offered?
Which is harder – the SAT or the ACT?
How Long Do SAT Scores Take to Come Out?
How Do You Get Your SAT Scores?
What’s the “golden” score range for the SAT? What do I have to break to get considered by most schools?

SAT Prep Strategies

What’s the best way to prep for the SAT?
What are the best books for SAT Prep?
Where do I find answer explanations for the SAT blue book?
Is it bad to guess on the SAT?
What’s the hardest part of the SAT?
SAT Words: Where do I find a list of SAT vocab words to study?
What’s the deal with the SAT Essay? Does it matter to colleges?

SAT 2 Subject Tests

Do SAT Subject Tests matter to colleges?
How Many SAT 2 Subject Tests do you Recommend?


What’s the difference between the PSAT and the SAT?
Does the Green Test Prep work for PSAT Prep?
SSAT and ISEE: Do you have any advice on how to study?

Financial Aid

Can I get financial aid or a fee waiver for the SAT or SAT Subject Tests?

[VIDEO ANSWER] How predictive is a student’s PSAT score?
[VIDEO ANSWER] Is it better to take the SAT cold for the first time or prep first?
[VIDEO ANSWER] How do I know whether to take the SAT or the ACT?
[VIDEO ANSWER] How much time is required to complete SAT review?
[VIDEO ANSWER] What other resources can a student find for SAT subject tests?
[VIDEO ANSWER] As a sophomore should I focus on the new SAT or the old SAT?
[VIDEO ANSWER] Because of the upcoming changes to the SAT, is it best to do the ACT?
[VIDEO ANSWER] What is the best way to find a right fit college for a student?

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