SSAT and ISEE: Do you have any advice on how to study?

SSAT and ISEE: Do you have any advice on how to study?

For the most part, the SSAT and the ISEE are just “dumbed down” versions of the SAT/ACT. They test vocabulary, math, and reading comprehension skills in almost exactly the same way as the more “grown up” versions of the tests, but they’re a bit less advanced in terms of content. Strategically, they’re identical (use elimination, rather than selection, to answer all verbal sections, etc.). If you want to prepare for the SSAT and ISEE, the best way to do so is simply to grab a few copies of the highest-ranked prep books on Amazon, have your child work through the material, and then review everything he or she gets wrong over and over again. Unlike the SAT and ISEE, these exams contain very basic material and very few tricks – most school teachers will be able to explain difficult problems to your child. Grab a book or two, have your child work through all the practice material on a steady schedule, and identify everything he or she doesn’t know. Isolate those problems (and the material behind them) and review it steadily until the test date. Additionally, have your child start to read as much as possible! There’s simply no substitute for reading challenging material frequently. Make it a part of your child’s routine. Make flashcards out of any vocab words your child doesn’t know and review them regularly. Do all of these things and you’ll be well on your way toward SSAT and ISEE success!

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