[VIDEO ANSWER] What is the best way to find a right fit college for a student?

[VIDEO ANSWER] What is the best way to find a right fit college for a student?

Test Prep Authority – Office Hours #1 – Question: “What is the best way to find a right fit college for a student with competitive application?”

[toggle title=”Click to Open Video Transcript” color=”gray”]What is the best way to find a right fit college for a student with a competitive application? This is a very broad topic. I actually wrote the book “Why You Get Rejected” which you can download some chapters of for free on testprepauthority to handle this. Because applying to the right schools is about half the mix when it comes to a competitive college application. It’s not just that you have to make a great application, it’s that you have to submit it to the right people. The analogy I make in the book is pretty much that if you’re trying to date a girl, and she really likes guys who are athletes, and you’re not an athlete. Well you could be a really awesome guy, but you’re not her type. Finding the girl who you appeal to and also of course who appeals to you is just as important.

The same analogy goes for colleges. You really need to find someplace that wants you, and that you want. This is going to be huge, because if you’re and you’re applying to MIT, well it’s awesome that you’re a genius creative writer, but of course MIT isn’t exactly the world’s biggest creative writing program. That’s not what they’re known for. So you need to find a good match.

So my short answer is go to testprepauthority.com, and I’ll be providing these links later, get the free chapters of Why You Get Rejected, and also read on testprepauthority.com for free “The Ultimate Guide to College Applications”, which has a lot of information on this. The really big key is that you do your research. Honestly it’s really not a one size fits all process. You need to find out all the colleges that you’re potentially interested in. You need to talk to your adviser. You need to talk to everyone you possibly can, learn as much about the colleges as you can, talk to people at the college and figure out what they want. It’s not a simple answer because it’s where you’re going to be spending four years of your life. And you really need to be sure that you’re finding someplace that wants you and your type of applicant, and more importantly that you want to spend four years of your life at right? I mean, if you’re a dance major then MIT probably is not going to be the ideal school. So make sure that not only you’re a fit for them, but that they’re a fit for you. That’s way more important.[/toggle]

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