SAT Words: Where do I find a list of SAT vocab words to study?

SAT Words: Where do I find a list of SAT vocab words to study?

If you want high SAT scores, it’s essential that you study the right SAT words.  While it’s impossible to know every word that will be tested on the SAT, the same words tend to come up over and over again.  If you want a good list of SAT vocabulary words, I recommend the following:

1. Sign up for my free online SAT vocab software, Vivid Vocab, via the following link:

I’ve turned the 500 most common SAT vocabulary words into an online, interactive program that you can use to permanently memorize the most common SAT words.  You can also search for my free app in the Apple and Windows stores by typing in “Vivid Vocab.”

2. Use other online resources to find the most common words, then use to find definitions and synonyms.  Some of my favorites:

For the most difficult SAT vocab words.

For a big free list of common SAT vocab words.

Top 100 SAT vocabulary words.

If you want a full program on how to study and memorize these words in time for your test, be sure to check out my comprehensive online SAT program, Green Test Prep.

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