Do SAT Subject Tests matter to colleges?

Do SAT Subject Tests matter to colleges?

Almost all competitive colleges nowadays require that you take at least two SAT Subject Tests (formerly called SAT IIs). Unlike low SAT 1 or ACT scores, bad subject test scores won’t keep you out of your target schools, but high scores might get you in. Consider these to be “icing on the cake.” If you have a really great application, but bad SAT Subject Scores, you won’t get rejected – however, if they’re deciding between you and another candidate, and your Subject Test scores are better, it might make the difference between an acceptance and a rejection.

The key with these tests is to take the ones that you KNOW will provide you with an advantage. If you’re fluent in Spanish and amazing at chemistry, take the Spanish and Chemistry subject tests. If you’re just finishing up AP bio, take the biology subject test. Pick the two exams that you know will get you the highest scores. And make sure you’re picking exams that match your narrative and your specialty. If you’re applying as a great scientist, you want to pick the physics and math Subject Tests, not the Literature and French.

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