Facts about the ACT and the SAT

SAT & ACT Facts

The information you need to know before starting test prep:

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Fact #1Most Test Prep Isn’t Effective

Most SAT and ACT prep options on the market simply don’t work. A recent study reported on by the Wall Street Journal found that traditional test prep boosts average SAT scores by just 30 points and average ACT scores by less than one point. That type of score change makes little to no difference on a college application, which means most test prep fails to do the one thing it is supposed to do.

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Fact #2Great scores don’t get you into college – low scores keep you out.

If you can hit the minimum thresholds required by your target schools, your scores will stop mattering and the rest of your application will get reviewed. If not, your application will never get looked at. Hitting the minimums is your only goal.

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Fact #3Colleges view the SAT and ACT as equals

Colleges don’t prefer one test or the other – and you might be taking the wrong one for your particular style.  You should focus your energy on ONE test – the test that’ll give you the best comparative score.

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Fact #4 Most people start prepping way too late.

The sooner you begin your test prep, the higher you’ll score and the easier the process will be. Scores are valid for five years, so it’s never too early to knock these test out.

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Fact #5Any student is capable of high scores.

The concept of “the bad tester” is a total myth. These aren’t IQ tests – the SAT and ACT test learnable information presented in unfamiliar ways. Learn the material, learn the approach, and you’ll get high scores.

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