Test Day Preparation

— Introduction —

Over the past few months, you’ve studied like crazy to get ready for your SAT/ACT. You’ve taken tons of practice tests, worked through countless practice sections, created enough flashcards to destroy half the rainforest, and basically made the test a part of you (and if you haven’t started studying yet, I recommend getting started with my online SAT and ACT system, Green Test Prep – reading this guide before you study is premature!).

In this final week, you have an even bigger job: making sure that your body and mind are fully ready for test day.

So far, we’ve worked on nothing but the “tangible” elements of your test prep – the math rules and strategies, grammar facts, comprehension tricks, etc. necessary for top scores. But the “intangibles” are equally as important. Your level of rest, relaxation, nutritional balance, hydration, and more are all incredibly important when it comes to your overall test day performance.

In fact, a single imbalance in your body-mind preparation can make more of a difference in your scores than any amount of “tangible” preparation.

Don’t believe me? After pulling two “all-nighters” the week of his test, one student of mine got an SAT score nearly 900 points lower than his diagnostics predicted. A month later, after he got plenty of sleep, he got a 2310 in June, up from a 1420 in May. This stuff matters.

This quick guide will show you exactly how to get your brain and body ready for the test. Follow all the steps within and you’ll be magnifying your intelligence, your memory, your alertness, your reasoning and reading speed, your situational awareness, and more. I promise it’ll be worth your time!

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