Problems with SAT Prep

— Introduction —

The SAT and ACT are easy.

That’s right, let me say it again:

These tests are easy. But I’m forgetting one thing, an:


The SAT and ACT are easy IF you prepare for them the right way.

A lot of people are absolutely terrified of these tests. They imagine them as a set of uncrackable, mysterious “IQ tests” that can’t possibly be defeated. This view is misguided.

The SAT and ACT test only ONE thing:

How good are you at taking the SAT or ACT?

If you know the material tested by these exams, and if you know HOW THESE EXAMS USE IT AGAINST YOU, you can get perfect or near-perfect scores.

If you want an absolutely incredible SAT or ACT score, you need only two things in your toolbelt:

1. A firm grasp on the material tested.

MaterialThis isn’t a vast ocean of information. If you can learn:

~200 math facts, figures, and formulas, most of which you already know

~80 grammar facts, of which most are already programmed into your brain, and only 5 of which are used with any frequency

– A few hundred high-frequency SAT vocabulary words, stems, and roots

– The basic essay structure and elements the SAT and ACT graders are looking for

– How to read passages properly

Then you know all the material you need to get a perfect SAT or ACT score. The infamous ACT “science” section actually has nothing to do with science – it could be called the “common sense and graph analysis section.” You can get a perfect score on the ACT science section and know practically nothing about physics, chemistry, or biology (on a side note, you can check my free guide to ACT science here if you want more information).

That being the case, why are these tests so “difficult?”


Both exams test your knowledge in weird, unique ways. The SAT and ACT are, in large part, logical reasoning exams which follow their own strange set of patterns and tricks.

The QUESTIONS on the SAT and ACT are not hard – however, figuring out what questions you’re being asked takes practice.

You can know all the material required by the these tests and still get a terrible score. This is why most people think that the SAT and ACT are so “hard.” But here’s the truth:

If you learn how to dissect these exams, and practice the proper methods for approaching their strangely-formed questions and formats, you’ll get an incredible score.

Lots of programs attempt to teach a random mix of material and “strategy,” but fail to provide students with the second element necessary for high scores:

2. YOUR OWN approach to each type of SAT and ACT problem.

shortcutDifferent people learn in different ways. Trying to solve fraction problems “our way” is foolish – you need to solve fraction problems YOUR way – the way that makes sense to you, and that allows you to repeatedly get an answer as fast as possible.

Trying to read through a passage using some unanimously decided “company policy” is a fast-track to the rejection pile.

Here’s the big thing you need to realize:

The SAT and ACT are based on tricks, but they both use a LIMITED NUMBER OF TRICKS. Learn the tricks, learn the best way FOR YOU to recognize and avoid them, PRACTICE your approach repeatedly, and you WILL get an extremely high score.

I’ve been training students in the SAT and ACT one-on-one for years, and my average student improves by over 430 points on the SAT and 7 points on the ACT. That’s why parents pay me $1,000+/hour for my services, and why I’m booked years in advance at those rates.

Why am I so in demand? With all the tutoring options, test prep classes, books, and software programs on the market claiming to be the “next SAT/ACT solution,” why do the world’s most ambitious parents still choose me as their tutor (often at 200X the price)? Because:


Think about it: there are multi-billion dollar companies in the SAT and ACT prep space. With their advertising budgets and product design capabilities, don’t you think that they should have found the solution to cracking these tests by now? After all of their investment in this space, shouldn’t their results outshine mine in theory?

Why haven’t they?

Because their focus on their bottom lines is what drives their decision making. The test prep industry is getting absolutely huge, but not any better at doing what it’s supposed to do. It’s a multi-billion-dollar-per-year industry, and growing like wildfire, yet despite all the software innovations, training methods, and scientific revelations developed over the past decade, few or none of the major players in the field are improving their methods nor results.

By the end of this report, you’ll understand how the industry works, why it’s failing, and precisely why so many millions of people still think that this exam is difficult (plus a few suggestions on how you can separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to selecting the best options).

Following are five things you need to know before you go shopping for an SAT/ACT tutor, program, guide, or any combination of the three:

Section Summary:Anyone is capable of getting a great SAT or ACT scores – but you need to prep the right way. Most test prep firms are built on profit, rather than results, and reinvest their earnings into marketing to cover up their lack of student progress. If you find a way to learn the requisite material and apply the material to each test on an individual basis, you’ll succeed. Unfortunately, most options on the market won’t allow you to do so.
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