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No one loves the thought of taking the ACT, but if you learn how to prepare correctly, you can leverage your scores for an easier, more successful college application in only minutes a day. Below, you’ll find free ACT guides on managing every aspect of the ACT, from how to handle the science section to how to schedule your day-to-day studies. Enjoy!

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What is the ACT?


What is the ACT Aspire Test?


The New SAT vs. the ACT

Both the New SAT and the ACT provide unique opportunities to help you improve your application and get accepted to the best schools possible – but which one is best? This guide will give you a quick, painless method for figuring out your best test and start studying like a pro!

What Scores Do You Really Need?

Everyone wants “good” SAT and ACT scores – but what they really need is scores that are good enough to get into their target colleges! Fortunately, it’s easy to figure out precisely what marks you need to hit – just use this quick guide to calculate your target scores and start studying effectively!

How Colleges Use Scores

High SAT and ACT scores don’t get you into colleges – low SAT and ACT scores keep you out! Understanding the difference is essential – and this quick guide will teach you exactly how to think about your scores to get ahead of the pack.

How to Take Practice Tests

Taking routine, timed, graded practice tests is an essential element of any good prep program – but there’s a very right and a very wrong way to take your SAT and ACT practice tests if you want to improve your scores and get ready for test day. This quick guide will show you how I instruct my own students to take their tests for maximum gains with minimum hassle!

Test Prep Calendar

How long should you study for your SAT or ACT, and when should you do it? If you haven’t answered these questions, you’ll never study as efficiently as possible! Fortunately, you can use this guide to get an accurate idea your time commitment and study schedule – once you do, the entire test prep process will become 10X easier!

The Myth of the “Bad Tester”

When it comes to the SAT and the ACT, we’re all stuck with the hand we’re dealt. There are “good testers” who can automatically get great scores, and “bad testers” who are doomed. Right? NOT. AT. ALL. Anyone can get a great test score if they prep consistently and correctly – this quick guide will show you how (and why we still believe that “bad testers” even exist).

ACT Crash Course

Act Crash Course
The ACT is 50% material, 50% strategy. If you want amazing ACT scores, you can’t just learn math facts and grammar rules – you need to learn the best possible approaches to English, math, reading, and science.

Let master ACT tutor Anthony-James Green walk you through his very best strategies for all four sections of the ACT and boost your score:

The New ACT Essay / Writing Section

The New ACT Essay / Writing Section

The current ACT essay is arguably the easiest portion of the test to master. With a few simple strategies and a bit of practice, anyone can get a perfect score. However, the new ACT essay is going to be even easier to conquer than the old one.

This short guide will teach you exactly what’s changing, how to prepare for the new essay, and how to take full advantage of this new format.

Choosing a Prep System

Choosing a Prep System

If you want higher ACT scores, you need to pick the right prep system. Two things matter in this decision: the results they provide and the convenience of attaining them.

Learn all about the different forms of ACT prep available, then get a detailed “how to” explaining exactly how to pick the right one for you.

ACT Science

ACT Science

Want to know a secret about the much-dreaded ACT science section? It doesn’t have anything to do with science!

In this quick guide, you’ll learn exactly how to get incredibly high ACT science scores using master-tutor Anthony-James Green’s most powerful, easy-to-use strategies and tactics.

ACT vs Old SAT

ACT vs Old SAT

Picking the right primary test (the ACT or the SAT1) is the most important decision you can make in getting the best possible scores – students are practically born to take one test or the other.

Learn all about the differences, then get a step-by-step diagnosis of which test you should take for the best possible scores.

Test Day Prep

Test Day Prep

Getting great ACT scores isn’t just about your English, math, reading, and science skills – it’s also about using those skills on test day.

By optimally preparing your body and mind, you’ll amplify your ACT skills and vastly improve your score. This step-by-step guide will show you exactly how to do just that!

ACT / SAT Dates and Calendar

ACT / SAT Dates and Calendar

Want the best ACT scores possible? Then you’ll want to take the ACT on the most strategic date possible, giving yourself ample time to prep, craft your strategy, and attain a maximized score.

Fortunately, it’s easier than it sounds! Learn when to register and exactly how to prepare to get the best ACT scores you can imagine.

Why Test Prep is Broken

SAT and ACT prep is a multi-billion dollar industry. But for every great option on the market, there are plenty of bad apples that waste students’ time, money, and energy.

This quick guide will teach you why the industry is struggling, and what you can do to avoid the most common SAT and ACT prep mistakes.


ACT Questions and Answers

General ACT Questions

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What’s the “golden” score range on the ACT? What do I need to get to be competitive at the toughest schools in the country?
Can I “superscore” my ACT the same way that I superscore my SAT?
Is it true that the ACT doesn’t test any vocabulary?

ACT Prep Questions

Practice ACT: Where can I find an ACT Practice Test?
Best ACT Prep Books: What are the best books to prepare me for the ACT?
What are the best books for ACT prep?
ACT Vocabulary: What vocab words do I need to know for the ACT?
How much science do I need to know to get a good ACT science score?
Is it true that the ACT essay, or “writing,” section is optional?
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How do I compare my SAT and ACT scores? How do I figure out which one I’m better at?
Do I have to prep for both exams separately?
What’s the biggest difference between the SAT and the ACT?
[VIDEO ANSWER] Do you recommend that students take both SAT and ACT or focus on one?

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