Can I “superscore” my ACT the same way that I superscore my SAT?

Can I “superscore” my ACT the same way that I superscore my SAT?

Not exactly. Your SAT superscore is the sum of your best scores in both major sections. So if you get an 800 on your verbal and 700 on your math on your first try, your score is a 1500. If you get a 700 on your verbal and an 800 on your math the next time, your score is also a 1500. But your superscore is an 800 – they take the best scores from both. On the ACT, your score is an average of your scores in all four sections, so if you get a 28 in Reading and English, and a 30 in Math and Science, you’ll end up with a 29. When schools look at your SAT scores, they add the best results in each section together to make your superscore, so if you take the SAT three times, schools will pick your best math and verbal scores and add them together. This isn’t quite the case for the ACT. While some schools will average your best section scores from all your ACTs into one composite score, most schools simply take your best composite score for your best single sitting and leave it at that. Your best bet? Once you have a list of all the schools to which you’re applying, use Google to find out their specific policy – every school is different!

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