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SAT scores, ACT scores, essays, recommendations, extracurriculars, GPA management, early or late…the list is endless! Or is it? Use my free college guides to figure out what to do, when to do it, and how to manage every element of your college application for an easier, more successful college journey!

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Guide to College Applications

Getting into a great college isn’t just about what you do – it’s about what you don’t do, too. If you want the best possible chances of admission, you’ll need to know some of the most common mistakes that can keep you out of your dream schools.

This quick guide to college applications will show you exactly what not to do if you want to put your best foot forward with the admissions committees at your favorite colleges and universities.

Score “Optional” Colleges

More and more schools are becoming “score optional,” a trend giving hope to many parents and students petrified by the prospect of tackling the SAT and ACT.

Unfortunately, this shift isn’t going to reduce the importance of these tests in the slightest.

College Application Questions and Answers

General College Application Questions

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College Selection

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[VIDEO ANSWER] What is the best way to find a right fit college for a student?

Applying / Applications

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Are there any topics I should avoid for my college essays?
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