Do interviews really matter? Should I do them at all?

Do interviews really matter? Should I do them at all?

Absolutely. Students are so worried about whether colleges want THEM that it’s easy to forget something very important: colleges are also worried that you won’t attend if you’re admitted. If they let you in, and you don’t go, it hurts their statistics, wastes valuable admissions spots, and lowers their competitive rankings. By showing up for interviews, you’re doing two things:

1. Showing a proactive interest in the school. This helps to convince the school of your dedication to attending if admitted.

2. Allowing yourself to put “a face to your name.” Interviews are the only way to let your personality really shine, to show colleges that you’re a real person, and to explain in more detail why you want to attend that college and what you’ll be able to contribute. If your interviewer really likes you, he or she might even pull for your admission, which can earmark your application.

If you’re really interested in a college, I highly recommend doing an interview. For a full list of tips and tricks to master your application, be sure to click here and check out my free, comprehensive guide.

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