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During the months of May to June thousands of college bound students are placed on waitlists for their favorite college, leaving them feeling like there may be no hope for gaining acceptance. There is hope though if you ask! Many schools allow students to send additional information like updated grades, achievement awards, recommendations and exam scores. According to Mary Tipton Woolley, a senior associate director of undergraduate admission at Georgia Tech “The key is to package all the information and send it once.” Woolley highlights that students should make their presentation of additional information impactful and concise in one strong attempt to make a second impression on admissions, versus sending information in bits and pieces. When communicating additional information, students should make sure to express their excitement at the prospect of attending the University as schools often look for students who truly want to attend their institution. Students selected off of the waitlist will only have a small window of time to make a decision so students are encouraged to research the school in advance and have a quick response ready if chosen. Navigating waitlist status at your dream college may not be so tricky if you follow some simple strategies. With some preparation and a little luck you might just get in!

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