Accurate Doesn’t Mean Useful

— Accurate Doesn’t Mean Useful —

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Secret #4: Just Because Something is Accurate Doesn’t Mean That It’s Useful!!!

Go to any bookstore and take a walk through the test prep section – you’ll see over 50 options for SAT/ACT prep books, most of which are 1,000+ page bibles that claim to be “the best.”

The problem isn’t that they have bad information in them – I use some of these books myself with all my one-on-one students, and suggest that the users of my online prep system, Green Test Prep, use them to supplement their training.

The problem is that they give you absolutely no clues as to how they should be used.

The analogy I always use is this:

Imagine trying to learn the Russian language by reading a Russian-to-English dictionary.

Sure, the dictionary might be accurate, but if you don’t have the right lesson plan, the dictionary will still be useless!

The same thing goes for these books, flashcard sets, and, recently, many of the new software programs available online.

The practice problems they have are fantastic.

The definitions they provide for vocabulary words are all spot-on.

Their tips, tricks, and strategy pointers are all helpful.

But they don’t tell you how to use any of this material in any sort of helpful, realistic way.

These online courses, books, and guides have thousands of helpful videos, strategies, walkthroughs, facts, practice problems, etc., but they don’t tell you what to do, why, and when.

You need a specific SYSTEM that improves YOUR score by as much as possible.

These anthologies of material are good tools, but buying them and expecting to get a better SAT or ACT score is like buying a hammer and some nails and expecting to build a house – the tools don’t make the carpenter.

So if classes are so ineffective, most tutoring firms are so unreliable, and most books and software programs are so useless, why do they keep springing up all the time? Why is there an almost endless pool of new tutors, classes, books, firms, and online programs springing up every day?

It’s a great question. The short answer: there’s no barrier to entry in this industry. Let’s move to the next page of this guide to see exactly why so many ineffective options are still on the market, and why so many new ones are popping up left and right:
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