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Published on: May 27, 2016

Green Test Prep Test Prep Authority, Inc. Facebook Twitter Google + YouTube LinkedIn Results-obsessed ACT and SAT prep system guaranteed to raise your test scores. A program devised by the “America’s top SAT tutor” Anthony-James Green. Green Test Prep, online SAT and ACT system has higher student SAT+ACT improvements than any other program, class, or course in the industry, increasing user’s scores by an average 346.57 points on the SAT and 4.66 points on the ACT; it’s guaranteed to work for you, and one payment gets you unlimited access to all the strategies, tactics, and step-by-step lesson plans you need to succeed. + 1 (518) 520-1000 support (at) Green Test Prep 2005-12-05 Anthony-James Green Anthony-James Green Alec Hess Liz Quail 080089136 611710 47-1806333
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SAT & ACT Green Test Prep System Online SAT & ACT test prep system designed to raise user scores. The System teaches all sections of the SAT, ACT, PSAT, and PLAN. Green Test Prep average user score boosts: SAT +346.57 and ACT +4.66 Educational Support Services Educational guidance counseling services Educational testing services Online SAT and ACT test preparation system 12-18
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Green Test Prep includes complete programs for both the ACT and the SAT tests.
High school students, teachers and parents. Anthony-James Green 2015 en yes Green Test Prep is the online educational SAT and ACT prep system that increases user’s scores by an average 346.57 points on the SAT and 4.66 points on the ACT. The system is entirely web-based, accessible through any web-browser and available from any internet connected device, and comes with Anthony’s unconditional performance guarantee. ""
Green Test Prep 2 weeks to 2 years - depending on the student's schedule, timeline, strengths, and weaknesses.

Colleges’ Preferences

Should you take the SAT or the ACT? Subject: SAT or ACT “which one should I take” question bothers you at night? This is a myth, Colleges do NOT prefer SAT test over the other. (ACT) Most people aren’t the best judges of their own abilities. You might have a hunch of which test will be better for you, but it’s always wiser to get a bit more scientific in your approach to decision making. Case in point: most of my students come to me thinking that they’re “strong in math, and horrible at reading” – then, when they get their diagnostic tests back, their reading scores are better than their math scores, or all their scores are the same, or some other strange result which defies all their own beliefs about their strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to deciding between the SAT and the ACT, I prefer the facts, ma’am. However, before I tell you how to decide which test to take, I want to make one very important point: Colleges do NOT prefer one test over the other. For some reason, there’s a widespread belief that the ACT is some sort of “bohemian” exam. The “smart” kids take the SAT, and the “alternative” kids take the ACT. This concept is completely ridiculous. I actually think the ACT is harder than the SAT (but I’m one of the people who prefer the SAT – again proving my point). Recently, the ACT surpassed the SAT as the most frequently-taken college entrance exam. There is nothing alternative about the ACT whatsoever. And colleges couldn’t care less which one you take – they just want high scores. I think this belief stems from the fact that most parents had never even heard of the ACT when they were applying to college. It was “SAT or bust.” So this newer, more unfamiliar test strikes them as goofy and strange. But make no mistake: the ACT is plenty rigorous, and colleges know this. I am always asked which test certain colleges prefer, and my answer is always the same: Colleges prefer high scores – that is all. SAT and ACT scores can be matched up identically. Colleges simply use this chart to figure out how scores compare: A 36 on the ACT is identical to a 2400 on the SAT. A 21 on the ACT is identical to a 1500 on the SAT. And so on and so forth (and when the New SAT comes out in March of 2016, which is dropping back to an out-of-1600 scale, this guide will be adjusted accordingly). When admissions officers look at an application, the process is the same: they check the student’s GPA, his/her test scores, and if they’re both high enough, they open the folder and read the rest. Whether those test scores are SAT or ACT scores is irrelevant – they just need to be high enough (for more information on how the college admissions process really works, be sure to check out my Ultimate Guide to College Applications). Horrible SAT or ACT scores will get you rejected. Extremely high SAT or ACT scores will get your application read, win you scholarships, and make your life easier. And while it used to be the case that students who took the ACT didn’t have to take SAT subject tests, this is no longer true, which lends zero advantage to either test. Just take the test that you’re better at taking, and all will be well. With that in mind, we get to the punchline: how do you figure out which test your child should take? SAT or ACT: which do colleges prefer? 571
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