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SAT Composite Score (Math & CR only) ACT Composite Score
1600 36
1540-1590 35
1490-1530 34
1440-1480 33
1440-1480 33
1400-1430 32
1360-1390 31
1330-1350 30
1290-1320 29
1250-1280 28
1210-1240 27
1170-1200 26
1130-1160 25
1090-1120 24
1050-1080 23
1020-1040 22
980-1010 21
940-970 20
900-930 19
860-890 18
820-850 17
770-810 16
720-760 15
670-710 14
620-660 13
560-610 12
510-550 11


If you have the option between taking / submitting the SAT and the ACT, it’s important that you make the right choice! If you’ve taken practice SATs and ACTs and want to figure out which test you should focus on, or if you’ve taken both tests and want to figure out which scores to submit to schools, we’ve built a handy little tool that you can use for free! By comparing your scores and seeing which one is best, you can make the best possible studying and college application decisions, and we’ve tried to make that as simple as possible.

The tool works both ways. Just enter in your SAT or ACT scores and you’ll get shown the equivalent score of the other test – data based off direct releases from the College Board and the ACT themselves (Note: SAT scores may be +/- 20 points to equivalent ACT score)

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Additionally, I’ve put together a fun tool that figure this out for you (and provides you with a list of colleges that your current and goal scores can get you into):

Enjoy! If you have any questions or need any help, never hesitate to contact our customer service team day or night – we’re always happy to assist!

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