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[shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”23825847″] College-Application-Form34The college game is getting more competitive every single day. If you don’t have top-tier grades and scores, you need to lower your expectations.

If you want to get into the nation’s most competitive schools, realize that you can’t just have good grades and scores – they must be better than the grades and scores of the students you’re applying against.

If you haven’t started prepping for the SAT or ACT yet, now is the time to start prepping. The earlier you prepare, the more you’ll be able to improve your score, and the easier and less stressful the entire process will become.

The college application process can be easy – if you let it be. Just remember:

  1. Start IMMEDIATELY to get the upper hand and handle all the necessary steps.
  2. Spend the time necessary to research possible schools and find the right matches.
  3. Start working on your specialization now, and craft all your activities around it.
  4. Sell your desire to each school you apply to.
  5. Find an “inside man” at each school to help you “get in good” with the admissions committee.
  6. Don’t lie, embellish, or “fluff” your application in any way. Keep it honest and straightforward.
  7. Do everything in your power to improve your grades and test scores.

If you do all of the above, you’ll be ahead of the game. I’ve seen hundreds of students use the above advice to get into the nation’s most selective colleges and universities. I’ve also seen thousands more ignore this advice and wind up in the rejection pile.

With all this in mind:

Take Care of the Most Important Things First and Start Improving Your Grades and Test Scores NOW.

After tutoring over 430 students one-on-one, spending 13,000 hours on the SAT and ACT, and earning a reputation as the single most effective tutor in the industry, I’ve put together a program that anyone can use to see application-changing score improvements on both of these tests. If you haven’t taken the time to look at my online prep system, Green Test Prep, I highly recommend that you do! A few reasons why:

-It has the highest score improvements of any other course, class, tutor, or program on the market. Students are improving by 3-15 points on the ACT, and 200-800 points on the SAT. The system uses the exact strategies, tactics, and daily lesson plans that I use to raise my own students scores at $1,000/hour – yet the entire program costs less than $600, including everything you need to improve your scores.

-One payment gets you unlimited, never-expiring, all-inclusive access to my SAT, ACT, PSAT, and PLAN prep systems. It doesn’t matter which test you decide to take (or if you want to take both), and it doesn’t matter whether you have three weeks or three years to prepare. – the system adapts to your exact timeline and schedule and works with you all the way through to your applications.

Furthermore, it comes with all the real tests, practice problems, and materials you need to succeed. No additional purchases, tutoring, or subscriptions required.

-You can prep on your schedule – not someone else’s. If you rely on tutoring or classroom courses, you’re limiting your prep options to a specific, narrow window of time. With Green Test Prep, you can study anywhere, at any time, for as long or as little as you’d like. It works on any internet-connected device, and you can start to see score improvements with as little as five minutes of work a day.

-It’s guaranteed to work for you. If you don’t see big score improvements, or if you don’t love using Green Test Prep, simply email our friendly support team for a full, no-questions-asked refund.

The sooner you start to prepare for your tests, the better you’ll do, the less time you’ll have to spend per day preparing, and the easier the entire process will be! Click the link below to check out Green Test Prep and see what it can do for your scores!


Thanks so much for reading!

Have any additional questions? Want further clarification on any of the above? Don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected] and let us know! 

Best Wishes,

Anthony-James Green

Founder, Green Test Prep
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