Summary and Action Steps

Summary and Action Steps

Putting It All Together

Hopefully, you’ve realize that you don’t need to be Niels Bohr to get an awesome ACT science score.

If you can:

1)  Ignore the information and get right to the problems
2)  Use the answer choices against the test
3)  Obsess over directional cues, and
4)  Practice under rigorous timing conditions

You’re going to be in better shape than the vast majority of students taking the ACT science section. And because this test is graded on a curve, that means that you’re going to end up with a much more competitive score.

There’s only one more element of your ACT science training routine that you need to put in place: practice, practice, and more practice.

The ACT science section requires FAMILIARITY above ALL ELSE. The more you practice, the more prepared you’ll be for EVERYTHING that they can possibly throw at you!

When I work with my one-on-one students on ACT science, there’s always an identical “storyline” to their ACT progress.

1)  They see new “formats” on the ACT science section for the first time, and they absolutely hate them and can’t stand them. They’re slow, they make mistakes, and they have trouble deciphering what’s going on.

2)  They see those same formats for the second, third and fourth times, and while they still hate them, they know what to expect, they make vastly fewer mistakes, and they start living life on easy street.

3)  They see them for the 5th + time, and suddenly they’re boring, easy, and humdrum. They never make mistakes on those formats again.

If you practice enough, you’ll never be surprised by this section again.

The ACT science section has a nice, wide arsenal of weird “setups” that they use to mess with students’ minds. When you first start prepping for this section, you might think that every passage is different.

One shows you a bunch of charts and graphs, and asks about manatee populations.

The next has a long sequence of chemical equations.

The next shows a diagram of the human body and a long list of equations.

The next looks like a critical reading passage.

The next has a giant map of the planets and solar rays.

Does it ever end!? The short answer to that question is: yes. It does. In a big way.

The ACT actually has a very limited number of “setups” that they use for their different passages. In my estimation, they have about twenty in total. This means that after you take only THREE full-length ACTs, you’ve seen EVERYTHING they have to throw at you.

After you take six, you’ve seen it all twice. After you take nine, you’re an old pro!

Doing things the first time is always hard. But if you tackle the work, review your triumphs and mistakes, and prepare yourself for the next round, repeat work gets easier and easier each time. ACT science formats that bewilder and bedevil my students the first time are easy jokes by the third time.

So now, it all falls on your shoulders:

Do you want to put in the work to make this section easy for yourself? Or do you want to take the “easy” way out, avoid the work, and then deal with a nightmare when you take the actual test?

The choice is yours. But if you make the commitment to put in the work, I can promise that you’ll have an easy, relaxing, and successful time taking the ACT science section!
If you’re looking for a step-by-step, proven process for conquering ACT science (and all the other sections of the ACT), I highly recommend that you check out my online ACT system, Green Test Prep. It’s the same system I use with my own one-on-one students to improve their scores by 3-15+ points, and you can start using it today to enhance your performance.

However, no matter what system you decide to use, just be sure that you apply the principles within this guide, and that you get to work! The sooner you start practicing, and the more material you work through, the better you’ll do. If you have the right work ethic, and you put in the hours, the ACT will be one of the more manageable challenges that you ever deal with!

Thanks so much for reading. If you have any questions whatsoever about this guide, or about my online ACT system, don’t hesitate to contact support and get in touch!

Have a great day, and good luck with your prep!

Best Wishes,
Anthony-James Green
Founder, Green Test Prep

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