[shareaholic app=”share_buttons” id=”23825847″] According to Reuters the college board is aware that the new SAT exam questions have been leaked to students overseas and they have no intention to replace or change the exam questions. Blacke Morrison, investigative project editor for Reuters stated, “We found students from China who told us they had seen and studied ahead of time parts of tests they ended up taking. We also discovered something else- that even when tipsters warned security officials that exams were circulating before the test date, the College Board typically went ahead and gave the SAT anyway.” The lack of action taken by the College Board can seem puzzling; however, the College Board benefits financially from the increased number of test takers and American Universities rely on Chinese students to boost enrollment. The investigation conducted by Reuters’s found that of the 64,000 students taking the test during the 2013-3014 academic year, it is impossible to determine the number of students that had access or prior knowledge of the test questions.

The newly designed SAT was administered to American students in March and according to Reuters, some of these students have been sharing the details of the test questions and answers via online platforms. The new SAT is set to be administered May 7th to overseas students and at this point it is impossible to know which students have had access to test questions in advance.

Read the story: https://www.educationworld.com/a_news/reuters-investigates-college-board’s-knowledge-widespread-cheating-sat-overseas-1399589806