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Below are REAL emails we’ve received from our happy Green Test Prep System users.

Hi Mr Green. Ryan got the scores for SAT and he got perfect score. Thank you

Well, Mr. Green, THE RESULTS ARE IN!Drumroll please…………


35 on English, 36 on Math, 36 on Reading, and 34 on Science!!

The writing score isn’t back yet, but I thought I’d share the exciting news with you. I can’t thank you enough for your help.

Payton DePalma

Hi Anthony, I just wanted to pass along some results. My son Ryan signed up for your online program after our email discussion below. His PSAT score his sophomore year was a 187. His score for the PSAT his Junior year was a 223 after taking your 60 day program. He has gone on to take the SAT twice, reviewing your program each time, with his best single day score currently a 2200.It was officially announced today that he has made National Merit Scholar Semifinalist in Georgia and I see no reason why he won’t make finalist.

Just a quick note to give you some hard results feedback and to say thank you. We’ll be back with our daughter in a year or so!


Hey Anthony,WOOOOOOOOOOW! My first diagnostic test I scored a 1700. My second I scored a 1940. 240 points score improvement in a handful of days of only superficial work. And the best is yet to come!!!!!

Dear Mr. Green,I got a 2400 on my SAT!!!!!!!!

Attached is my score report for your perusal.

Because of your program I increased by 200 points! Before I came to you, I was struggling with my math barely scoring a 700. But your intense math nightmare review lesson, the righteous combat against my stack of math flashcards, and the isolation and defeat of all my arch-enemies brought me victory. Getting zero wrong in math was the key to my 2400.

I especially appreciate your instruction outside the academic part of SAT review. Your prescribed ritual on the day of and days leading to the SAT gave me the confidence and peace of mind not to get spooked and sabotage myself when faced with the actual test.

We did it. Thank you for being my teacher. I could not have done this without you.


Thank you so much for creating this program! After completing the full program, I got a score of 2290 on the SAT. I felt like the program was very easy to follow and as long as a person does everything it says then anyone can get a very high score. I am going to recommend this program to all of my friends and am very grateful to you.
Dasha D

Mr Green,
I just wanted to say your program is incredible!
At the end of last year I was burned out from a tough junior year, took an ACT, and got a mediocre composite score of 28. I knew I had to put effort into the next ACT I took in order to have my scores match my achievements in high school.
I started your program with 5 weeks until the test, got through about 25 days, and got a much better composite score of 33!
I found your overall approach to the ACT, as well as the more specific strategies quite helpful. Also, your step-by-step breakdown of the various sections was great.
Will Rimer

Just want to let you know that from my 1st diagnostic test to my 2nd, my score went from a 1610 to a 1900! The program is really helping out!

Anthony,I just wanted to thank you for your 90 day SAT prep course!
My son, Isaac, did it last spring. Because of your course, he brought
his SAT score up almost 500 points!

He just received an offer from Brown to play football.
The coach told me that they won’t look at a player’s film
unless their test scores meet their standards. Isaac is
homeschooled, so his grades really don’t mean that much
to colleges. That’s why his SAT scores were so critical.

Never thought I’d have a kid in the Ivy’s. haha

So, thanks again! And I’ve got 4 more kids coming up that
will need it as well.


My name is Andrew and I will be entering my senior year this fall. I am a huge fan of your test prep work. It enabled me to bring my math score from a 23 to a 31 after months and months of virtually no improvement. Truly incredible stuff! My latest official composite score is a 32.I’m taking it for the last time in September.ANTHONY! ANTHONY! ANTHONY!!!!! I have amazing news!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! Your program is ALREADY changing my life!!! i took my Diagnostic #3 Test and the improvement was so great that my mentors hands started to shake when I told him!

Reading : 630

Math: 550

Writing 730

Over all improvement by 340 points from the #2 test!

Again Thank you soooooo much! This program is wonderful! It really works and seeing these improvements is really encouraging.

Thank you,

Leyla Urushanova

Hi Anthony,First of all, no worries about those tiny typos! They are harmless and not confusing at all. I hope you don’t think I´m a smart-ass (just a little bit, haha); by pointing out all those errors I was just trying to help. I guess I’d appreciate so if I were you :).

Second, I’m extremely happy and satisfied with your system. To be honest, this is not the first preparation course I’ve taken; however, yours is the best one so far. I took an one-to-one SAT prep course in Barcelona with an American teacher and it was completely useless. She was 23 and had never taken the SAT before, so we were basically reading the Blue Book for 60 hours, so bad! Later on I bought and read the Blackbook by Mike Barrett; much ado aboutnothing. And since I’m currently living in Helisnki, Finland, I decided to take some Math and English supporting lessons in here; howerver, they are pointless if the teachers don’t know the SAT. It took me a while to realize that getting good at the SAT has nothing to do with learning Math and English in a “normal” way.

If I had to underline the best features of your system to me, these would be:

1. How good you’re at motivating us, your students. By now I’m sure you must already know that.
2. How appropriate is to have a very specific program with daily homework that you just need to follow up. Most of the other books and prep courses offer you thousands strategies, options and possibilities that make you feel overwhelmed and lost. Your program is the only one that tells me what to read, which section I have to complete and how many flashcards I have to write down. It is just great, I can focus on learning instead of deciding what to do.
3. All the tips and strategies that you pose always sound a bit too much in the beginning, but once you’ve implemented them, you feel much more confident taking sections and diagnostic tests. I love the elimination strategy in CR questions. And the “plug-in your own numbers” and “steal the answers” in Math just made my life so much easier!!! LOVE THEM!!!

I’m taking the 30-days program and I’ve already taken 3 complete tests. My scores were:

Test #1 – M710 CR580 W650
Test #2 – M670 CR550 W640
Test #3 – M760 CR630 W710

I got a bit scared after the second test, but I’d had a very bad day, I hadn’t slept enough and I was actually very nervous during that week. I’m much more relaxed after the last test I took. I’m actually proud of myself.

I’m improving and still motivated. I’m taking the real SAT on May the 3rd and my only concern is that the degree I want to apply for requires 1330 points in M+CR, which is quite high. I just hope I can reach that :). I haven’t mention it, but my main problem is that I’m from Spain and I started learning English only 3 years ago, so I’m not as fluent as any other American teenager ’cause English is not my mother tongue. The CR section feel very very tough to me, super exhausting. I just need to keep working hard!

Thank you for your help, I’ll let you know my improvements. And congrats for your program, it is expensive but it’s definitely worth it!


I bought your system for my son in June, and he worked on the program over the summer. His PSAT scores came back today, and he got a 220. Pretty impressive. He also took the SAT in November, and his scores were 720 reading, 750 math, and 780 writing. I can say that the system worked for him!
I will continue to recommend your program to my friends!
Thank you,
Sherrie Weekley

In January of 2014, I took the SAT–without studying–and scored a 1960 (CR: 710, M: 620, W: 630). I was really freaking out because I had never had problems taking tests before and I didn’t know why this was such a challenge for me. I bought the program sometime in August, but didn’t start using it until November in order to prepare for the December SAT. I am diagnosed with both anxiety and ADHD, so needless to say I was very nervous for the test. For me, the biggest setback was mental. After studying intensely for two weeks using your program (A.K.A. lots and lots of math review!), I took the DecemberSAT and got a 2310 (CR: 740, M: 770, W: 800)! It was such a relief when I saw my scores today for all my college applications are due in the next week and a half! I was so scared that what everyone was saying was true: you can’t study for the SAT. I am so glad I was able to prove them wrong!Thank you so much for making this program available to all! 🙂

Hello Anthony!My final ACT scores are:

English: 32
Math: 35
Reading: 30
Science: 29
Composite: 32

I am personally very content with my ACT scores, as it’s comfortably in the score range for Cornell (30-33), the hardest school to get into on my list. Thank you for raising my scores up! Now I need to study for my SAT French test next month. Take care and cheers!

Hi Anthony!I just wanted to let you know about how happy my parents and I are with my results from practice test number 2 – I got a 2160, which means a 90-point increase in both reading and writing and then 120 points up in math. It’s an amazing feeling to reach my goal score within the first 10 days of the 30-day online course (don’t worry, I’m not getting complacent – it’s inspired me to work even harder) and I just wanted to tell you that you are some sort of wizard, or at the very least a genius!

Mr. Green,I can not thank you and your program enough. The first time I took the SAT, I received a 1530. Then I used your 30 day program and received a 1720.I took the most recent ones in October using your 60 day program and finished with a 1900 flat. Your program was hands down the best program I’ve used for any sort of test prep. I went up roughly 400 points, which is absolutely amazing. I am now in very strong competition for all the colleges I’m applying to.Thank you very much for your program, I will recommend it to anyone I know seeking help.

Hugh O’Neill

Dear Mr. Green
I took your 60-day program for the PSAT. Last year before I received any prep at all, I got a 1590. I recently asked my guidance counselor what I received this year. And I got a 2020, with a perfect score in the math section. I thought most of the section to be easy, but I had no clue at all how to do the last problem. I was running out of time and then I used your method of canceling out anything that was not in common to help with guessing. And I got an 800(80 in PSAT terms)! Thank you for your prep and the 430 point increaseSincerely,
Emily Luong

Offline Message left on 24 Jun 2015, 10:49 PM (GMT+0)I got my scores back and 30 was my composite! Thanks so much for your help! I am very happy with my school,and it will get me into my first choice!

Katie Weimann

Hello,I just finished the “45 day program” and scored a 2065 on the final diagnostic test with an improvement of 195 points overall from my first! Hey – not bad for erratic cramming and periods of stagnation throughout the program. Honestly, however, this program is an amazing investment overall and much more effective than SAT classes and more cost efficient than private tutors.It allows for a sense of autonomy for the student yet also provides an effectual structure and strategies through the daily plans. I’ve also really enjoyed the sense of humor incorporated in the text. Convincing my parents to get thisprogram is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I’ll continue to refer to its methods and tactics on a daily basis (this time) in order to prepare for the October SAT. Thank You so much! 🙂

Hello Anthony,
Thank you for answering my question during office hours! I wasn’t able to tune in since I was in Taiwan (office hours would have started around 5am forme) doing an internship.I just got into the top 2 schools in Scotland not with my transcript or extracurriculars, but with my SAT and ACT scores (and an essay and recommendation, but without those scores, I would not have been considered). I met their requirements by a landslide just by taking standardized tests. As I’ve seen, the SAT and ACT can even get you accepted to international schools. This really enhances your argument on how important standardized tests are, and now it’s complete rubbish to say that standardized tests are little useless tests.

Just though I’d share this quickly with you!


Thank you so much. I have gone up to a 34 from a 28. AMAZING!!!! I am packing my bag and it explicitly states that I cannot bring electronic devices or notes? Do I need to discard my notes before I go in? Should I leave my phone behind?Thank you

I am doing your Green SAT System (the 30-day program), and it has aready improved my scores greatly. The first practice test I took, I got a dismal 1500. Math isn’t my strong suit, so I got a 350 on it.But the second practice exam I took, I scored a 2010, with math being at 610.

Thanks so much for helping!

~ Sincerely,

Hi Mr. Green,My name is Lara Chammas and I am the girls who lives in Switzerland, just to jog a memory. I’m taking the SAT tomorrow! I’m actually really excited to because I got a 2000 on my Day 29 diagnostic exam which is a 150 point increase from my first SAT score. Math and Writing themselves went up 90 points each. I’ll be sure to email you once I find out my real scores, but thank you so much for your system and helping me study! It was really manageable and fun to do since I could see the improvement everyday.

Thank you,

Lara C.

At first I didn’t believe I was benefitting from the program. I couldn’t see how anything I’d learned would help me to improve. When I took my second diagnostic exam I found that in 13 days I had improved 170 points! It was incredible to realize that my hard work was paying off, even if I couldn’t always see it.

I love the program, at first i thought the cue card thing was crazy but i moved thru the test and with time to spare. I cant wait for my next test and my next score improvement. I went from an 1870 to a 2025!

To Anthony Green,I’m not sure if this is the place for me to provide testimony regarding your program and if it’s not, please direct me to the right one! I just want to say that Iwas so shocked when I got my scores. My critical reading score isn’t where I want it to be just yet but I got a 770 in math and a 780 in writing (630 in critical reading).

I put my full trust into your strategies and I practiced your assignments religiously. It was to the point that I was reciting the “kill and steal” strategies to my friends and they were worried about me for a while. But on the day of the test, I felt a lot more confident and I could really tell that the little things truly made a difference. Whenever my friends bring up SAT prep, I cheer for your program because I know that it works. I was a first-hand witness to its magic and Itruly am grateful for the fact that I didn’t waste time studying strategies that don’t work.

Thank you so much, Mr. Anthony Green!

Jessica Kim

Payton DePalma <[email protected]> 8/4/14to support

Hi Mr. Green!

Just took my second diagnostic exam yesterday…WOO!

I took the SAT in May and got a 2110, but definitely knew I could do better with some help and practice. Your system has already changed my way of thinking dramatically.

My first test in my concluded in a Reading score of 670, Math score of 730, and Writing score of 710. Pretty solid.
My first diagnostic with your system I actually didn’t do as well — Reading: 680, Math: 680, Writing: 720 for an OK 2080.
Diagnostic #2: Reading, 720, Math, 750, Writing, 710 for a 2180!

The scores are climbing slowly but surely. The only reason they aren’t even higher is because I’m working at camp as a counselor (sleepaway) so finding time to study is difficult (but not impossible).


I’m honestly amazed at how comprehensive and fantastic your program is. I’ve never really been able to afford any sort of tutoring, and my parents bought me your system and I’m so grateful. You’re doing amazing work. Interactive, fun, and so comprehensive. So, so comprehensive.Best,
Payton DePalma

Hi!Only my first test, I got a 27 on english, 29 on math, 26 on science and 31 on reading. This test I went up to a 33 in english, a 32 in math, a 33 in science, and a 31on reading!!!!!!!

so excited that its only my second test and I’m improving so much!!!!!

The only section that I didn’t improve on is reading, do you have any tips on what I should do about this?

Thanks SOOO much!!!!

The SAT plan said to get in touch and let you know how I did on my practice test, so I figured I would. I just completed my second practice test (Day 16 inthe program) and I got a 2370! That’s a 180 point increase from my first practice test score of 2190. I look forward to learning more strategies that can getme closer to the perfect 2400.

Hello Mr. Green Test Prep!
I just took my second diagnostic test, and I went from a 29 on my first to a 31. I feel so much more confident already. Interestingly, my science section was my worst score on my first test, but it became my best score on the second time around. I set very high goals for myself in the beginning that at first seemed unattainable, but after taking this test only once more, I already know that if I keep putting the same amount of effort and continue following your advice, then I can make those goals my reality!

Addi Smith

Hi Mr Green
Thank you for your SAT program!! I just got my SAT scores back after completing your 30-day program, and I got a 2370, with perfect math and critical reading sections! I came in with a score of 2120 on a practice test, and I certainly didn’t expect this much improvement– your system really helped. The ONLY points I lost were essay points 🙁 — I got a perfect 80 for the writing MC component. Thanks for answering my questions via email. You made this process as painless as possible.Sincerely,
Maya Miklos

Hi Mr. Green,

I finished your 60-day program, took the SAT on December 7th and just got my scores back. I received a 710 in Math, 750 in Critical Reading and an 800 in Writing for a total of 2260, which is the highest total I’ve ever scored (including all my diagnostics). I wanted to let you know these scores because Ibelieve they were made possible solely by your program. I’ve already recommended it to my cousin, who plans on using it next year for her SAT prep, as well as all my classmates. Thank you so much for your availability via email along the way, I wasn’t expecting there to be this much open communication for an online program and the help you offered me was truly appreciated. You can add me to your list of program successes!

I did want your opinion, whenever you get a chance, regarding whether you think I should take this test again. I know my score is relatively high and I am very happy with it, but I am considering applying to some of the most selective colleges (Harvard, Yale, Brown, Amherst, Barnard, Wellesley, Williams, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor), so I know a higher score could only help me. On the other hand, I would rather not go through the preparation process again if I can avoid it (as I’m sure most people feel). Your opinion as an SAT expert would be greatly appreciated!


Anthony,Thank you very much for your prompt attention to this matter! I have to admit that I was a bit nervous to sign my son up for this program – he was the one who wanted to study online. His previous SAT experience was a disaster as the teacher told my son that his 10 year old daughter knew more math than he did! This is a kid who is taking two AP classes this year, and has an original album published on itunes….

My son is enjoying your program, and I am pleased so far with his progress. I really like the fact that he has to work every day at this instead of a few hours once a week. He asked me this morning to study his cards with him tonight. A good sign! Thank you for sharing your gifts with us.

All my best,

Teri Delany

Hi Mr. Green,I’m Cathy! I’ve contact you before via email. For me, I loved your program but I was just way too stressed and tried cramming the program into 2 weeks so it just didn’t work. By one day, I had a total stress breakdown and after that just didn’t want to touch the SAT.

In the end, I still ended up taking the Jan SAT and got a 2140, just below my Nov score (2160), which I’m actually pretty happy about considering I really didn’t study for the SAT the week before.

The best thing I’ve learnt though, was about using my learning style most effectively and the Pomodoro technique!

Despite the little SAT mental breakdown I had, in the end, everything worked out 🙂 I got into Wellesley college, which was definitely my top choice. I also got into NYU Arts and Science. I’m actually at Wellesley’s Spring Open Campus right now typing this letter to you and I am thoroughly loving it here! I will most definitely be committing to here in the fall!

I still just want to say a big thank you for your SAT program! Any of my other friends who are starting SAT, I’ve all been referring them to your program 🙂


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