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What is Green Test Prep?

Green Test Prep is a comprehensive online prep system increasing user’s scores on average by 215 points on the SAT and 4.66 points on the ACT – results which can dramatically increase one’s college options. The system is entirely web-based, accessible through any web-browser and available from any internet connected device.

Green Test Prep (originally “Test Prep Authority”) was founded in 2005 by Anthony-James Green.

Anthony-James Green is known as the best SAT and ACT tutor in America. Over his career, Anthony has spent over 15,000 hours teaching students to master these exams, splitting his time between one-on-one instruction and curriculum crafting. After achieving an average student score improvement higher than any other tutor, classroom, or program on the market, he managed to set a rate of $1,500/hour for his services, and has been featured everywhere from CNN and FOX Business to Business Insider and The Wall Street Journal.

Green Test Prep, an online, computerized version of his curriculum and lessons, was originally released as a supplement to his own one-on-one instruction. However the software quickly started delivering results equal to, and in many cases superior to, his own results as a tutor. As a result of his software’s incredible efficacy, Green began devoting more and more time to enhancing the program and testing it with its thousands of users. He now divides his time between his online system and his tutoring role, taking on a limited number of private students every year. Green’s hope is that his online program will soon be seen as the industry standard for effective online SAT and ACT prep.

Learn more about Green Test Prep, our founder Anthony-James Green and our origin story on our: About Page

Reference Facts

Average SAT Score Improvement: 215+ points
Average ACT Score Improvement: 4.66+ points
Cost (all-inclusive, one-time, never-expiring): $500
Headquartered: Green Test Prep, 130 North 1st Street, Suite 1, Brooklyn, NY,

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