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For improving your score, these are the best:

When it comes to getting higher ACT scores, there’s no substitute for practice. Consistent, targeted practice is what separates the winners from the losers in the ACT prep game, and having a plethora of high-quality, relevant material is a must.

There are countless ACT books out there, but after thousands of hours of experience teaching this exam, these three are the ones I’ve found to be the most effective:

The Real ACT, 3rd Edition

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official real act book

Any effective ACT prep program requires multiple full-length, timed, graded practice tests. If you want an accurate testing experience and an accurate grade, you need real exams straight from the source. This book is a must for any student taking his or her ACT prep seriously. However, a word of warning: save this book for practice tests! Don’t use these tests for simple daily practice – they’re too scarce for that! For your day-to-day practice materials, I recommend the following:

1,460 ACT Practice Tests – 4th Edition

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1460 practice ACT problems

I’ll give a ton of credit to Princeton Review for coming up with the most realistic ACT practice tests on the market. Any experienced tutor can instantly tell when third-party practice materials aren’t “true to the test,” and in the case of ACT prep books, that’s usually the situation. This book is one of the rare exceptions. In terms of style, feel, pacing, and difficulty, these problems are just about as close to the ACT as anyone has gotten outside the official test makers. If you want day-to-day practice that replicates the feel of the real exam, this is the book for you. Plus, it separates all of its practice problems into section-specific areas, which makes focusing on your weaknesses much easier.

Cracking the ACT With 6 Practice Tests (2015 Edition)

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cracking the ACT

A little bit of deja vu here. If you run out of the practice problems in the book above, this is another set of amazing ACT math, English, reading, and science problems from the Princeton Review. Spend time working through these problems and analyzing the answer explanations, then undergoing consistent review, and you’ll see your score skyrocket in no time. A nice bonus? This book has some of the clearest, most step-by-step answer explanations on the market.

So What’s Next?

If you get these three books, you’ll have all the materials you need to undergo a rigorous, extremely effective ACT prep program – but these books, in and of themselves, are not a program – they’re supplements to a well-structured, step-by-step, day-by-day ACT regimen that’ll allow you to take your skills to the next level.

That’s why all three books are included free of charge with my online ACT Prep System, Green Test Prep. When you sign up, you’ll get all three books rush-shipped to your home, giving you both the program and the practice resources you need to get the best scores possible.

My online course works in your home, on your schedule, it’s guaranteed to work for you, and it has already helped thousands of students to take their ACT scores to the next level. Click the link below to check it out and see what it can do for your scores, and get the best ACT books on the market thrown in as part of the bargain!

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