Frequently Asked Questions:

How Does Your Program Work?

By putting you on a strenuous, focused, effective study program until you get the scores you need.

To master the SAT & ACT, you need to work hard, on the right things, in the right order, in the right way. My online system provides a targeted, step-by-step program that knocks out your biggest weaknesses one by one through strenuous daily study and consistent review. As you study, it provides my most effective strategies and tactics for all sections of both tests at precisely the right times, leading to a hyper-efficient usage of your time. It’s the same program and the same strategies I give to my one-on-one students at $1,500/hour – all you need to do is put yourself through it.

What kind of score improvements can I expect?
That depends on how many points you need and how much time you put into the program. Our average student improves by over 215 points on the New SAT and 4.6 points on the ACT, but that’s not a particularly useful answer. Some students use the program to move from a 32 to a 34 – others use it to improve from a 950 to a 1500. My program shows you how to identify and systematically eliminate your weaknesses until you don’t have any left. If you’re starting with few, you’ll reach your goals in a few weeks. If you’re starting with many, it might take you a year. Just keep following the program until you get the scores you want.

How long does it take to complete your program?

As long as it takes to get the scores you want.

When you start my program, you’ll learn how to diagnose your current scores and set inspiring, realistic goals based on your timeline.
The program never expires, and never “ends” – you can use it for as long as you need to in order to get the scores you want. If you need 50 extra points on the SAT, it might take you a week. If you need 10 extra points on the ACT, it might take a year. Every student is different, but one fact never changes: if you put in consistent work on the right things, in the right way, you’ll always improve.
Think of my program as a gym – you never “finish working out” – instead, you use the gym as often as you need to in order to attain the level of fitness you desire. Similarly, my program can be used for as little or as long as you’d like in order to attain your desired level of score improvement.

Does your program cover the math, reading, essay, writing+language, English, science sections?
Yes. Your purchase comes with unlimited access to my complete SAT & ACT programs, which cover all sections of both tests.
You’ll spend the most time where you’re weakest. As your scores start to improve in your weakest sections, you’ll learn how to spread your time and attention to the other sections of your chosen test as well.

Which program should I use - the SAT or the ACT program?
As soon as you sign up, you’ll receive a free diagnostic tool that will teach you which test gives you the biggest advantage. This takes a few hours, and it’s well worth your time. Don’t just pick the test “everyone else at your school is taking” – put in the time to figure out which test will give you the best comparative score, then take that one. My program shows you how to do so right up front.

Do you provide a way to track my student's progress?
If your child needs someone to “keep him/her honest,” please DO NOT sign up for Green Test Prep. This program only works for driven students who are willing to study independently and hold themselves accountable for their results. If you’d like more hand holding, we recommend an easier program that will send you well-designed student updates and class attendance reports.

What comes with your program?
Full, unlimited access to my study programs for the SAT & ACT, along with all my best strategies, tactics, and tools for both tests. You’ll need to purchase roughly ~$60 worth of third-party texts (including the official College Board/ACT study guides) separately. The program does NOT include practice problems or “interactive video lessons” – Green Test Prep’s efficacy rests in its simplicity: do the work, follow the program, and get high scores. If you’re more interested in features than in results, this is the worst program you could possibly buy.

Can I use your program on my Mac/PC/Tablet/Phone?
Yes. The entire program is browser-based. You can log in any time, anywhere, from any internet-connected device.

Why spend $500 on your program? There are tons of other/cheaper options out there.
My program actually works. Ask parents and students about their experience with other programs. If they get glowing reviews, go for it.
Only one thing leads to high SAT & ACT scores: hard work, combined with effective strategies and an efficient prep program. I’ve spent over 15,000 hours developing the study program, strategies, and tactics within my systems, and they’ve helped over 10,000 students to raise their scores by entire college tiers. My program is the reason why I can charge $1,500/hour for my one-on-one prep, and it’s the reason why I’m known as the best tutor in the industry. If you’re willing to commit to the program and follow it until you get high scores, you’ll get them. If you’re shopping based on ease or price alone, I do NOT recommend using Green Test Prep.

When should I start using your program?
As soon as possible. If you start your freshman or sophomore year, you can put in ~20 minutes a day and get incredible scores before any of your friends even begin their prep. If you start late, you’re giving yourself an artificial deadline and added stress for no reason. Name one other field of study in which the experts recommend that you start later.

What if I don't have much time?
Do as much as you can. Students using our program have improved by significant numbers in as little as a few weeks. It’s not ideal, but you can get significant improvements in more compressed time periods – you’ll just need to put in more work on a daily basis. If you’re trying to get in shape for a wedding, you can make a difference by going to the gym for a few weeks, and it’s worth the effort. But don’t expect the same results as someone who puts in consistent, focused, long-term effort a few months in advance.

Does your program include practice tests?
The more full-length, timed, graded, realistic practice tests you take, the better you’ll do on test day. My program uses real SAT & ACT exams, directly from the makers of these tests, to diagnose your scores and build your test-taking skills. I teach you how to prepare for, take, review, and rip apart these tests for maximized score gains. I recommend taking at least six practice tests before the real thing – but you can always take more if you so choose.

How do I know when I'm ready to take my official test?
When your practice test results match or exceed your target scores. When you take realistic practice tests the way that I teach you to within my program, you’ll know precisely where you stand. If you’re aiming for a 1400+ on the SAT and you get a 1390 and a 1440 on two sequential practice tests, you should sign up for the real thing and knock it out. If you get an 1190 and a 1220, keep studying. There’s no mystery to these tests once you start studying consistently. It’s simple to figure out where you stand.

What if I'm a nervous tester?
Testing “nerves” come from a lack of confidence and familiarity. The first time you ride a rollercoaster, it’s horrifying. By the tenth time, it’s boring as sin. In addition to math/English/reading/science/essay tactics, my program also teaches powerful psychological and physiological strategies to ready my students for their “big day.” Additionally, by the time you take “the real thing,” you’ll be so familiar with your test that the official test will just be another day at the office. You’ll very rarely hear from a “nervous” Green Test Prep student.

What third-party books do you recommend?

Does your program include answer explanations?
My program teaches you something much more important: how to find answer explanations and use them to leverage your study time. Students who rely on their tutors, teachers, and classes to provide explanations turn into impotent, dependent learners. Instead, my program shows students precisely what to do when they get wrong answers: use answer explanations in the back of their study texts, dissect them, research them further via free online tools, and turn their wrong answers into powerful, reviewable learning opportunities. My program isn’t effective because it teaches students the triangle area formula – it’s effective because it shows students how to find the formula on their own and review it until it’s a permanent, useful memory and skill set.

Do the Green SAT and Green ACT Systems teach timing strategies?

A huge portion of our system’s curriculum is devoted purely to timing-based exercises.

To get great SAT and ACT scores, you need A) the skills to answer each question, and B) the ability to apply those skills in the time allotted. Therefore, a huge portion of our system’s curriculum is devoted purely to timing-based exercises.

At first, Anthony has students learn how to answer the problems, adapt to the formatting of the test, etc. – after they learn the requisite material, however, they’re switched into “application mode.” From there, almost all the exercises have to do with timed application, speed drills, and the strategies necessary to both enhance speed at a base level and review old practice tests and questions for opportunities to enhance speed even further.

Students will also take 6 full-length diagnostic tests from the College Board and ACT books and both of the Green SAT and Green ACT Systems give them simple step-by-step guidance on how to take these tests to maximize speed and test-taking skills. Anthony leaves nothing to chance and timing issues are covered in depth!

How does your program teach the essay?
Green Test Prep teaches students a system for writing the essay which makes the entire grading process objective.
The essay can’t be graded subjectively – otherwise, graders’ opinions would get in the way of their judgement. Instead, students start with perfect scores, and they lose points for objective errors – namely, lack of thesis, lack of topic sentences, lack of a thread, lack of relevant evidence, lack of an intro or conclusion, etc.
My program teaches students a template and step-by-step process that churns out flawless essays which contain all the right elements in the right order. Students using my program learn how to structure, plan, and repeat that process no matter what the essay prompt happens to be.
There’s no grader who actively gives students their essay grades, but by the time they learn how to “beat” the SAT and ACT essays, they won’t need one.

Should I use your program with a tutor / additional class?
No. If you’re willing to follow the program and put in the work, you’ll have everything you need. If you feel that your child needs external encouragement or tracking, sign up for something else. I cannot make it clear enough that this is NOT a program for students who aren’t willing to work hard on their own.

Does Green Test Prep member access ever expire?

Green Test Prep access never expires once you purchase the system.

All students within the program have never-ending access to our SAT and ACT prep programs. Use them for as long as you need in order to get the scores you want, whether that takes you three weeks or 13 months.

Can More than one student use the Green SAT and Green ACT Systems at the same time?

Green Test Prep only offers one user license per purchase.

We love welcoming families on board with more than one college bound student! However, Green Test Prep only offers one user license per purchase. Therefore, both children in your home will need to acquire his or her own account. Our software is constantly adapting to new changes to these tests, and to data flowing into our system from current users. When a new user “tags on” to an old user’s account, the order of the lessons and flow of the the program will become sub-optimal. If multiple members attempt to work through an account already utilized by another student, it won’t provide an optimal user experience.

If you have more than one child interested in enrolling in the Green SAT or Green ACT Systems, please contact us at [email protected], as we have discounts available for multiple purchases.

Can younger siblings use the Green SAT and Green ACT Systems after their older sibling is done with them?

Green Test Prep only offers one user license per purchase. When your younger child is ready for test prep, he or she will need to acquire his or her own account.

We love welcoming families on board with more than one college bound student! However, Green Test Prep only offers one user license per purchase. When your younger child is ready for test prep, he or she will need to acquire his or her own account.

When the time comes for another child of yours to come aboard with us to get great score improvements, we have established a “Legacy Family” program for our alumni and their families. You can email us at [email protected] when your younger child is ready to begin prepping, and we will give you the current discount code for the program.

Does your program work for PSAT prep?

You can study for the PSAT using the Green SAT System the exact same way you study for the SAT.

The PSAT is just a shorter, slightly easier version of the SAT without the essay. It tests precisely the same material, the format is nearly identical, and the difficulty level is almost exactly the same.
You should kill two birds with one stone: by prepping for the SAT, you’ll get a higher PSAT score than you would by studying for the PSAT (imagine prepping for a 5K by training for a 10k race), and you’ll be ready to take the SAT immediately thereafter. Don’t treat these tests as two different entities – they’re essentially the same thing.

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