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How Does Your Program Work?
What kind of score improvements can I expect?
How long does it take to complete your program?
Does your program cover the math, reading, essay, writing+language, English, science sections?
Which program should I use - the SAT or the ACT program?
Do you provide a way to track my student's progress?
What comes with your program?
Can I use your program on my Mac/PC/Tablet/Phone?
Why spend $500 on your program? There are tons of other/cheaper options out there.
When should I start using your program?
What if I don't have much time?
Does your program include practice tests?
How do I know when I'm ready to take my official test?
What if I'm a nervous tester?
What third-party books do you recommend?
Does your program include answer explanations?
Do the Green SAT and Green ACT Systems teach timing strategies?
How does your program teach the essay?
Should I use your program with a tutor / additional class?
Does Green Test Prep member access ever expire?
Can More than one student use the Green SAT and Green ACT Systems at the same time?
Can younger siblings use the Green SAT and Green ACT Systems after their older sibling is done with them?
Does your program work for PSAT prep?
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