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Why Green Test Prep?

(What happened to Green SAT System, Green ACT System, and Test Prep Authority!?)

As of May, 2015, we’ve decided to re-launch as Green Test Prep, combining all of our previous websites under one unified domain. We’re still offering the same great SAT and ACT systems and test prep / college information – but we’re trying to keep things simple! A lot of people have asked us why we decided to make the change – they knew us as Green SAT System, Green ACT System, or Test Prep Authority. We had a few strong reasons for consolidating our brand:

1. A lot of our system’s users weren’t finding our free information – and a lot of people browsing our free information couldn’t find our system!

Lots of Green SAT System / Green ACT System users were asking us questions about SAT Subject Tests, college applications, etc. – not realizing that we had free guides on these topics on a different site (Test Prep Authority). And lots of TPA’s readers weren’t finding out about our awesome online SAT and ACT prep system (they’d frequently get in touch to ask our recommendations, not realizing we provided one!).

2. When you sign up for our test prep system, you get the SAT and ACT systems for one price – having two websites was throwing people off!

Anyone who signs up for Green Test Prep gets unlimited access to both our SAT and ACT systems – having different domains for each system didn’t make this clear.



What if you bought the SAT/ACT system on our old site?

You still have unlimited lifetime access! Just click the login button above to go straight to your account.

Has anything changed aside from the name?

We’re always improving our guides and our online system, but we’re still offering the same amazing prep system we always have (and it’s continuing to get the same awesome results).

Have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly support team and ask!

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