A Day in the Life

How Does Green Test Prep get the BEST Score Increases in the Industry?

And How Can YOU Get Higher Scores, Too?

Well, the magic lies in Anthony’s simple-to-follow system.

All you have to do is log in, read the lesson for the day, complete the assigned practice problems, make some quick flashcards of problems that you missed, and you are done!

No need to make a schedule or create a syllabus. Anthony has embedded the easy to follow lesson plans into his GTP system.

You start Day 1 on Set 1 and just follow the simple instructions through to the end in order until you complete Set 45. You can study in the comfort of your home, anywhere, any time of day or night. No travel time or annoying tutors to worry about!

It’s easy!

Want a sneak peek of how our students squeeze in SAT or ACT prep into their day and love doing it? Let’s take a look …

Meet Green Test Prep Student, Ben.

img-ben Ben is an incoming sophomore who wants to finish his SAT testing early so he can concentrate on his baseball team activities. He and his teammates are focused on getting back to the state tournament this year, so he wants to post some great SAT scores before the season really gets going in the spring.

Ben decides to follow Anthony’s recommendation to prep for the SAT for 3 months.

This ideal plan of attack equates to setting aside no more than 45 minutes a day to study. Green Test Prep will help him reach his goal and be done as a sophomore, while giving him the freedom to play baseball without the stress of college admissions testing!

Let’s follow Ben minute-by-minute as he takes 2 days to complete GTP’s SAT Lesson Set 20!

calendar-icon Day One

Morning Routine

2 minutes:
flashcard-frontWhile brushing his teeth, Ben reviews the flashcards he made yesterday documenting problems that he missed in a practice section. He keeps a stack of flashcards by his toothbrush for quick reviews each day. Anthony developed this idea of “hooking” short bursts of prep onto his students’ regular routine of tooth brushing and it pays off in a massive way! It ends up adding 6 hours of easy review into Ben’s prep routine over the 90 day study period! No sweat and HUGE results!

15 minutes:
At breakfast, Ben opens his iPad and finds himself on Lesson 20. There are 4 sections to read in the Lesson before diving into the written practice sections later. He finishes reading 20A-20D while he eats his cereal.


Afternoon Routine

25 minutes:
img_9462-adjustedBack from school, it’s time to do some written work. He dives into the assigned 3 reading passages from his practice book and makes flashcards of any of the questions that he misses. That’s it!

Evening Routine

You guessed it! Back to the sink!

2 minutes:
Getting ready for bed, Ben’s back at his toothbrush flashcards (now with new ones from the day). He quickly reviews a few of them and turns in for the night.

Total: 44 minutes of prep for Ben! And it never interfered with any of his other activities!

calendar-icon Day 2

This day will be a breeze for Ben because it is a shorter prep day!

Morning Routine

2 minutes:
flashcard-backBack at it in the morning, Ben is reviewing his flashcards while brushing his teeth. Easy peasy!

15 minutes:
At breakfast, Ben does some math review with his pancakes and coffee. Today’s lesson has him working through some old math problems that he previously missed on practice sections. So Ben takes out 10 math flashcards from his deck and reworks them from scratch. Math for the day is done!

Afternoon Routine

10 minutes:
img-boy-studyingBack from school, Ben is a happy camper because he only has one reading passage left to complete today. He takes out one of his practice books, dives into the section, grades his answers, makes 2 quick flashcards, and he is finished with Set 20!

Evening Routine

2 minutes:
Getting ready for bed, he’s back at his toothbrush flashcards (every day new ones added). He quickly reviews them and turns in for the night.

Total: An easy 29 minutes!

You can see how simple and easy this prep plan is compared to other programs on the market. That’s why the smart kids use Green Test Prep. It fits easily into any busy student’s schedule and helps motivated students get the largest score increases in the industry.

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