What’s more important? The test or my GPA?

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    Asking whether your SAT/ACT scores or your GPA is more important is like asking whether the length or the width of a rectangle is more important in determining its area. They’re both extremely important, and they’re both taken into account. If you have amazing test scores and a horrible GPA, or vice versa, you won’t have a competitive application. Obviously, improving either your GPA or your SAT/ACT score will improve your application, but if you’re trying to figure out which one to “prioritize,” you’re thinking about it the wrong way. Don’t sacrifice your GPA for your test scores or vice versa – instead, just work your SAT/ACT prep into your daily schedule in a sane way. If you can study for 20-40 minutes a day (broken into chunks), you can improve your test scores by entire college tiers in a matter of months! There’s no need to go into some insane “boot camp” or spend 4 hours a day studying. I’ve seen thousands of students improve their test scores without disrupting their schedules. For a free guide on how to work light, daily prep into your schedule, check this out: https://greentestprep.com/resources/sat-prep/test-prep-calendar/

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