What makes Green SAT and Green ACT different from the rest of your competitors?

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    In short: results, Anthony’s teaching methods, and constant iterations of our own program.

    There are MANY differences between our program and those of our competitors, but the most succinct explanation is below:

    1. Results. 

      Our program has an average student score improvement of 345+ points on the 2015 SAT and 4.66+ points on the ACT (verified by the Better Business Bureau).

    1. Anthony doesn’t teach our students the SAT and ACT alone – he teaches our students HOW TO LEARN. 

      Anthony’s experience as an educator isn’t limited to the SAT and ACT – he’s spent his entire career working closely with students one on one, figuring out precisely what motivates them, what prevents them from learning and what empowers them to learn on their own with limited input. He’s filtered his 15,000+ hours of teaching experience into this program, creating a platform that students can use to empower themselves and master this material on their own terms and their own schedules, and that also translates to their academic subjects beautifully as well.Most of our competitors have a simple formula: they line up all the facts and formulas that students need to know, put them in a book or a program, and show them to students in a variety of different formats. But these facts and formulas are a COMMODITY – you can GOOGLE this information. They’re just repackaging widely available information and presenting it in a pseudo-relevant order to students.

      Anthony’s program is entirely different.  Students are first tasked with digesting a practice test, identifying everything they get wrong, documenting it, and stack-ranking it based on frequency (Anthony shows students how to do all of these things).

      Next, Anthony shows students how to find the answers to all the problems they got wrong, and how to find any of the key information that’s missing from their current arsenal. Then, Anthony shows students how to review this information for maximum retention.

      As students start absorbing the information they need to learn, Anthony starts trickling in the best strategies and tactics for all sections of their tests. Rather than learning these strategies and tactics in a silo, students learn these lessons AS THEY REVIEW PAST AND FUTURE PROBLEMS, so that they can integrate their learning directly into their hands-on work.  This allows students to both amplify their retention of past material AND of the new strategies they’re learning.  Furthermore, Anthony’s program shows students how to optimize their minds and bodies during the study process, how to organize their time, and how to enhance their overall mental and psychological efficiency.

      This program creates a “perfect storm” of habit changes within our students. Most students who finish Green SAT and Green ACT report not just higher test scores, but also SIGNIFICANTLY higher GPAs – because the program shows students how to master new subject material, rather than just presenting them WITH the subject material (which you can get in any book for $10), this program teaches students how to learn.

    1. It’s CONSTANTLY updated and improved based on student data. 

      Most programs out there are basically just “recordings” of the SAT and ACT classes that our competitors offered before the internet. They haven’t been fundamentally altered in years. They don’t utilize the countless strides that we’ve made in education and neuroscience in the past few decades.Most programs out there don’t rely on active engagement and deep practice, which are THE two elements which lead to enhanced learning. Instead, they rely on passive learning – they show students videos, they have amazing graphics, and they create a lot of good-looking materials that sell their programs well, yet do NOTHING to actually ENGAGE students in the learning process. You learn by doing, not by watching – a principle which our competitors haven’t picked up on. They’re still stuck in the classroom era.

      And because Anthony can alter the program behind the scenes, and collects thousands of data points on a daily basis, he can constantly make small alterations in the program, test for efficacy, and then optimize on a daily basis. Not only is the program changing and improving constantly, but students also get key “just in time” updates based on the constant and immediate learnings Anthony is able to glean from student performance.

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