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What is it?

A comprehensive customizable online program to radically improve your SAT, New SAT and ACT scores. No matter where you’re starting out, the assignments give you a step-by-step comprehensive program to improve you scores from Day 1 to the Day of your test. Green Test Prep covers every subject, every strategy, and every tactic you need to get the best scores possible. Each lesson set is broken down into bite sized chunks so you can complete it on your schedule without interfering with your other obligations. It’s everything you need in one place for one price. Your purchase includes unlimited, never expiring access to all three systems so you can be prepared no matter test you’re taking.
Works On Most Devices and Screen Sizes

Who is it for?

Anyone serious about improving their ACT/New SAT scores. While we recommend starting early – freshman or sophomore year - the program is designed for students anywhere in the test prep process. The system is front-loaded and entirely customizable, so no matter how long you have to prep, you'll get the largest score improvements possible. And because the PSAT is just a shorter, easier version of the SAT, it works for the PSAT, too!

What's included?

The exact steps you need to take, from day one through test day, to rapidly improve your scores.

Learn what you need to study, when, and how, in order to raise your scores by entire college tiers. Take the guesswork out of the process – just log in, pick up where you left off, and watch your scores skyrocket.

The most effective strategies for all sections of both tests.

Get the simplest, most effective approaches and tools for all sections of both tests (including the essays), along with comprehensive lessons on how to use them.

Review methods designed with the SAT & ACT in mind.

Leverage your study time and rapidly improve your performance with the most effective, test-specific review routines ever built.

Holistic prep that keeps the real world in mind.

Set goals, create a prep schedule, and build effective prep into your daily routine. When you know where you are, where you need to go, and precisely how to get there, test prep doesn’t need to be a burden.

Unlimited, 24/7 access from any device – for as long as you need it.

Log in from any browser, tablet, or phone wherever and whenever you have the time. Get unlimited access to the SAT & ACT programs for one price, with no schedules to keep and no limits to your access and score improvements.

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Can younger siblings use the Green SAT and Green ACT Systems after their older sibling is done with them?
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Our average user raises his or her score by 215 points on the New SAT and 4.66 points on the ACT. Many improve by much more. If you’re serious about getting high scores, you’re in the right place.

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