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The World’s Hardest SAT + ACT Program
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SAT + ACT Tutor

By the renowned educator featured in:

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Green Test Prep ACT and SAT prep system works on all platforms
Major SAT and ACT Score Improvements

Dramatic SAT & ACT Score Improvements

Now increase your SAT by 215 points or your ACT by 4.66 points, on average.

Designed by Anthony-James Green, after more than 15,000 hours of experience training students to beat the SAT & ACT. Business Insider calls him “America’s Top SAT Tutor.”

Unlike other programs, the Green Test Prep System combines online training with offline practice tests. Verified by the BBB, our students are getting higher scores using this easy-to-follow program.

Green Test Prep users success, Hannah and her mom, Arlene.
“Thanks to the improvement in her score,
Hannah was accepted at Rutgers University”
Hannah and her mom, Arlene (right), Green Test Prep users

You’ll See Dramatic Gains In Test Scores
With Our Unique Training

Watch how Green Test Prep works
Then get a walkthrough of a typical day

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

1) ONLINE: Instant web access to the Green Test Prep System

2) OFFLINE: Real paper and pencil, just like the SAT & ACT tests

3) ANYTIME: Practice for 10 minutes or 2 hours. The choice is yours!

The Green Test Prep Advantage:

  • Twice the value! You get access to both test-prep programs: SAT & ACT
  • Teaches critical thinking in math, reading, writing, English, and science
  • Flexible practice times to fit your schedule
  • Never expires: Practice for 4 weeks or 4 years
  • Proven over 15,000 hours of instruction
  • Score tracking
  • practice tests
  • Never Expires

Unlimited Expert Support

Unlike other programs, our U.S.-based support team all have college degrees and are trained by Anthony to answer all your questions. Live chat or email. We’re here to help you beat the tests!

BEAT the SAT and ACT with Anthony-James Green’s proven system!

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